The Our Lady of Fatima Academy Consultative Board serves in an advisory role to the schoolโ€™s leadership.

The Boardโ€™s Role

  • The Board does not enact policy but assists the administration in formulating and adapting policy and participates in decision-making and designated areas of responsibility.
  • Usually, these areas include long and short-term planning, public relations, and marketing.
The members use their time and talents in the following ways:
  • lead change-producing initiatives
  • discuss strategies and tactics to grow our school and evolve programs
  • promote a positive culture and share the amazing things happening in and out of the classroom
  • problem-solve challenges
  • facilitate communication among stakeholder groups
  • support our school and participate in school events

The Boardโ€™s Structure

  • The Consultative School Board is modeled after the design of the Diocesan School Board and, as such, comes under the guidance of the bishop and the superintendent of Catholic schools.
  • The Board is appointed by the pastor and the principal with the approval of the Department of Catholic Schools and operates in an advisory capacity to the administration.
  • The by-laws governing the Board and policies, which have been formulated in the past, are contained in the Consultative Board Handbook, which is kept on display in the office.

Joining the Board

  • Applications to join the consultative board open in the spring of each school year, with the commitment beginning in June.
  • Board members are selected by the school leadership and board president with the aim of representing a breadth of grade levels and areas of expertise.

Meeting Times and Submitting Agenda Items

  • The Board meets on the first Thursday of each month and welcomes written communications from parents or suggested topics for discussion.
  • These items should be sent one week before the meeting so that they may be placed on the agenda.

Contact OLF Board President

Feel free to submit written communication of requested topics for discussion.