Our Lady Fatima Academy’s academic programs develop the whole child and differentiate for diverse needs by building on students’ strengths and addressing growth opportunities.

This is accomplished through engaging and meaningful learning experiences that:

  • empower students to be agents in the learning process
  • exceed academic standard
  • and prepare students for high school, college, and careers.

These meaningful learning experiences are:

  • goal drive and rigorous
  • authentic and constructive
  • multi-modal and active
  • collaborative
  • personalized and differentiated
  • culturally and Linguistically Responsive
  • assessed formatively and summatively

Through rigorous and engaging curriculum and instruction, Our Lady of Fatima Academy fulfills our mission of nurturing individuals to discover their God-given gifts, encouraging them to use these gifts in the service of others, and empowering them to be models of integrity and peacemakers who work for justice.