2023-2024 Financial Agreement

Installment Plans
Monthly payments based (re)enrollment month  Balance must be paid by May 31st

Annual TuitionBy June 10thBy July 10thBy August 10thBy September 10th
One Child$10,421Multi-Child Discount$869/month$948/month$1043/month$1,158/month
Two Children$20,042$800 Off$1,671/month$1,822/month$2,005/month$2,227/month
Three Children$29,263$2000 Off$2,439/month$2,661/month$2,927/month$3,230/month
Four Children$38,084$3600 Off$3,174/month$3,463/month$3,808/month$4,232/month
Pay tuition in full upfront for the entire school year and receive $500 per student. Tuition must be paid prior to the first day of attendance and/or before 7/20/23.
Ineligible for discount if receiving tuition assistance
Active Duty Military, Police and Firefighter Families are eligible for $500 towards annual tuition per student.
FACTS Tuition Assistance Application is available online for grades TK – 8th at: online.factsmgt.com/aid
FACTS Tuition Fee – Yearly FACTS fee applies to payment plans. Based on the number of installments selected.

School Fees

Application Fee$75Applies to all new students.  Paid via online application.
Early Enrollment Fee(Registration)$250Applies to all returning students completing enrollment prior to 3/1/23.Paid via online enrollment.
Enrollment Fee(Registration)$350Applies to all new students AND returning students completing enrollment prior 6/9/23. Paid via online enrollment.
Late Enrollment Fee(Registration)$450Applies to all returning students completing enrollment 6/9/23.Paid via online enrollment

Family Commitment

Service Hours30 hours of service at the school annually are required or may be bought out for the year by including the $1000 buyout fee with the tuition installment plan.

Unserved hours are billed on an annual basis at a rate $33.33/Hour via your FACTS incidental plan.Β For more details, please see our Parent Student Handbook or Parent Resource Guide.

Extended Care Service

Extended Care is available no later than 6:00pm. You may register your child for a flat rate plan at the time of registration (please see Parent Resource Guide for more options), or use this service on a drop in basis for the Drop-In Rate of $3.50/15 minutes per student.Β  Multi-child Drop-In rate discounts are not available.

Student(s)Flat Rate Afternoon
1 Child$275.00/month
2 Children$450.00/month
3 Children$550.00/month

There will be a $10.00 fee per minute per child after 6:00 P.M.

Other Fees/Activities *All costs are estimated and subject to provider increases

Graduation Fee$4258th grade only, payable through FACTS.
After SchoolSports Fees$110*/seasonOptional, grades 5-8 
Overnight Field Studies$400-$600*Optional, grades 4-7 Overnight educational field trip.  Length of trip determined by grade.
Washington DC$3000*Optional, 8th grade only.  4 nights/5 days
School Uniformscosts varyMust be purchased through Uniforms 4U.


I/WE UNDERSTAND that the breach of any of these agreements and/or rules as stated in the Parent/Student Handbook by any student or parent is subject to disciplinary action. Any violation deemed serious may result in the expulsion of the child from Our Lady of Fatima Academy.


  • I/we understand that I will only discuss financial issues of concern, with the Business Manager of the School, rather than other parents. These matters are confidential and should NOT be discussed with others unless there is written consent by Our Lady of Fatima Academy or the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange.

Tuition Payment

  • I/We understand that prompt payment of tuition and fees ensures the necessary cash flow for the operational expenses of the school and that it is a condition for children to remain in the school. 
  • I/We understand the registration fee is payable at the time of registration, and that tuition is due by May of the above listed school year as determined by my choice through FACTS Tuition and is considered late if not paid on the date choice as determined by me through FACTS tuition. 
  • I/We understand that a late fee is charged if this deadline is not met.  I/We understand that we can pay our full year tuition up front before school begins and receive a $500 per child discount if paid before August 31st. (Please see Parent Resource Guide for more details). 

Tuition Assistance

  • I/We understand that if I am awarded tuition assistance, I am also bound by the stipulations stated in the offer letter.

Delinquent Tuition Payment

  • I/We understand that if I/we neglect to pay our tuition on time, or do not make our monthly tuition payments, a temporary or permanent dismissal of my/our child/ren may result.  
  • I/We understand the financial assistance process must be utilized and initiated by the parent(s), and that with established procedures and parent communication, there is no reason for an account to become delinquent. 
  • I/we understand that if I fail to make the required tuition payments, I will not be able to enroll my child/children at Our Lady of Fatima Academy or any other school in the Diocese of Orange (Elementary or High School) until Our Lady of Fatima Academy is paid in full. 

Collection Of Outstanding Tuition And Other Fees

  • I/We understand that if I/we incur an outstanding balance, may prevent me from being offered re-enrollment for the following academic year.
  • NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds)/RETURNED CHECKS
  • I/We understand that at any time during the school year, checks that are returned from the bank unpaid may accrue an additional charge of $30.00 per returned check and that replacement payment must be made by cash or money order.  If the check is for tuition a late fee will be collected through the FACTS tuition program.
  • I/We understand that this includes any and all monetary transactions for daycare, sports, field trips, fundraisers, etc.

Service Hours Requirements

  • I/We acknowledge that I/we have received, read, understand, and agree to abide by the Service Hour Expectations & Commitment Fee obligations. 
  • I/We understand that if my/our child has entered the school after the school year has begun, I/we am/are expected to participate/buy out the remaining service hours requirements on a prorated basis.
  • I/we agree that in order to participate in on-campus activities, including driving for field trips, I/we must have current SAFE Environment training and fingerprinting on file with the Diocese of Orange and that no other prior fingerprinting is able to be used.  I/we understand that the cost incurred for fingerprinting is an expense that falls to the parent/volunteer and is not reimbursable by the school.
  • I/We understand that if my/our child leaves the school before the school year is ended, I/we am/are expected to participate/buy out the current service hours requirements on a prorated basis.
  • I/we understand that Family Service Hours performance or buyout are a required part of our tuition agreement and that there is a minimum requirement of 30 hours per family per year.
  • I/we acknowledge that in order to be credited for Family Service Hours served, I/we must sign in and out at each volunteer event or meeting, and if a sign in sheet is not available, that I/we will email the school office staff with the date and time of service on completion of each service.
  • I/we acknowledge the responsibility for monitoring that my Family Service Hours are being recorded accurately via Family Portal and that we as a family fulfill our service hour commitment or that I/we will be charged for unserved hours at a rate of $33.33/hour via the family FACTS Incidental Billing account on the 15th of May.

Early Withdrawal Policy
I/We understand that should my child withdraw from Our Lady of Fatima Academy for any reason, appropriate administrative fees and a percentage of  the Annual Tuition amount per the Parent Student Handbook will be assessed to my final payment or deducted from any refund due. I/we have reviewed Our Lady of Fatima’s withdrawal policy and understand that should we choose to withdraw our student for any reason, a portion of annual tuition may still be due or refundable based on the table below and that additional monthly payments may need to be made after the date of withdrawal to fulfill my students annual tuition obligation.
Note:  All discounts will be prorated according to this table also.

Refund Table for Tuition (less 10% processing fee)
Withdrawal/Transfer Prior to:% Annual Tuition Refundable% Annual Tuition Owed
July 3190%10%
August 3080%20%
September 3070%30%
October 3160%40%
November 3050%50%
December 3140%60%
January 3130%70%
February 28 (29)20%80%
March 300%100%